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Eglitec is a vertically integrated solution for predictive analytics, optimization, data mining and intelligent analysis of a retail chain. The solution is focused to achieving the following benefits for the retail organization:

1. Demand forecasting for up to 24 months at daily, individual SKU and store levels with accounting for seasonality, economic indicators (city, district, region, country) and buyer trends for specific products or brands.

2. Optimization of Supply Chain from replenishment planning and up to the optimization of shelf layout and product facings.

3. Price optimization based on target indicators of sales quantity, turnover and profitability.

4. Insights for targeted marketing campaigns based on customer clustering and analysis of trends and preferences.

5. Better understanding of store operations based on comparable scorecard system.

The solution has a specialized data warehouse, scientifically proofed methods for predictive analytics and set of ready output forms and dashboards.


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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. brings to live advanced ideas and implements innovative technologies, inspiring people and shaping the future of the consumer market in the world of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, cameras, digital appliances, printers, medical equipment, network systems, and semiconductor and LED solutions. The company is also one of the leaders in the development of the innovative Internet of Things industry, in particular through the launch of the open Smart Things platforms and a wide range of smart devices, as well as active inter-industrial collaboration. We employ over 319,000 people across 84 countries with annual sales of US $196 billion. To discover more, and for the latest news, feature articles and press material, please visit the Samsung Newsroom at


Official Partner

Microsoft Golden partner since 2012, SOFTPOINT Group is a vendor offering IT system monitoring and performance improving solutions ( It has been in the Russian market for 11 years. In 2016, SOFTPOINT was named Partner of the year in Russia following the results of the International Microsoft Partner competition.

Our main goal is to guarantee improvement and full control of the IT system’s efficiency.

We offer more than 10 patented solutions for:

  • performance monitoring and control;
  • scaling;
  • fast transfer of large data arrays;
  • data depersonalization;
  • etc.

Advantages of using our solutions include:

  • minimizing risks of the IT system downtime;
  • company scaling independent of the IT infrastructure;
  • cutting costs for the IT system support and modernization.

In 2015 we started a new project — “Video analytics available to everyone”:

  • Embedded analytics without dedicated channels, video recorders, and powerful video servers;
  • No need to change infrastructure;
  • Possibility to redesign basic functional at one’s sole discretion similarly to accounting systems;
  • Service sales model — pay only for using hardware-software modules and clouds (minimal initial investment).


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Official Partner

Vocord is a Russian engineering company, a manufacturer and developer of professional video surveillance systems and telecommunications solutions.

Vocord is specialized in development of professional high-tech security systems with unique technical characteristics. Solutions of the company designed for projects of wide scale factors with high scalability. Vocord systems are installed in more than 100 projects in Russia and abroad.

Vocord develops new technologies in the field of video analytics: biometric facial recognition, automatic number plate recognition technologies and others intelligent video algorithms.

Vocord Company is a member of professional association ONVIF and the Russian biometric society, resident of Skolkovo Foundation and RVC.

The company was founded in 1999. Today the company staff is over 120 specialists, 80 % of which are mathematicians, developers and engineers.


Official Partner

I.T. Co., the leading Russian systems integrator, offers a full range of services for the development of corporate information systems and their support over the entire lifecycle. I.T. Co.’s main areas of business: IT consulting, IT outsourcing, building automation and control systems, corporate networks and communications infrastructure, information and technical security, IT support and IT education and trainings.

I.T. Co. was founded in 1990. During our many years of operation in the Russian market, I.T. Group specialists have performed more than a thousand IT Projects of various scales and complexities. Long-term I.T. Group customers range from the country’s largest corporations to small businesses focusing on dynamic business development and increasing competitiveness.

Besides the system integrator, the I.T. Group includes the following subsidiary companies: I.T. Academy, I.T. Smart Systems, Aplana, BOSS.HR Systems, Business Logic, BPM Logic, MobilityLab, Advanced SelfService Systems, etc. All I.T. Group companies work in the field of information technologies and consulting. Regional subsidiaries can be found in different federal districts of the Russian Federation.

Find more information at


Official Partner

PILOT was established in 1992. Since the time of its creation the main activity of the company has been developing and delivery of the complex solutions and equipment for automation of trade enterprises:

  • Solution design and integration
  • Project management
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Delivery and installation of hardware and software
  • Software development, installation and support
  • Implementation, integration and support of ERP-solutions for retail
  • Fiscal solutions delivery and developing
  • Personnel training

During years of work, the company has been saving up precious practical experience, having implemented hundreds of large complex projects "on a turn-key basis" in various fields. PILOT’s solutions are applied in a wide range of areas — retail trade, logistics and related services, industry, transport. 


 Interbranch Maintenance Center, is the leading system integrator, software developer and the supplier of trading equipment. PILOT offers full complex of services for realisation of projects of different levels of complexity — predesign research of business processes, technological and business consulting, modelling and reengineering of business processes, designing of complex decisions and their integration into the customer’s infrastructure, delivery and installation of equipment and software, personnel training, service maintenance, technical support and other services.

PILOT is the official business partner of the world leading companies representing the information technologies market, such as Fujitsu, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, IBM / Toshiba GCS, Mettler Toledo, Microsoft, SAP, Motorola, NORDIC ID and Zebra Technologies. Over 100 business partners and 160 of maintenance centres throughout Russia guarantee timely deliveries and convenient services in each part of the country.

Among the solutions applied by PILOT are both foreign and Russian software products. The company’s own developments such as certified by SIEC (State Inter-Departmental Expert Commission for Cash Machines) software package for management of the independent and network POS terminals PROFI-T, as well as a toolkit for developing applications for mobile data acquisition terminals "OmniLink".

A significant number of projects have been carried out by PILOT in recent years, including hypermarkets Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Real, chain stores —  MAGNIT, Mother Care, Stockmann, Detsky Mir, CentroShop, Korablik,  Starik Hottabych, Holiday; chains of supermarkets — ATAK, Billa, SPAR, Aromatny Mir, Semya, Bahetle, Sedmoy Kontinent, Dixy; Group of companies INDITEX; duty free shops at international airports Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo and other.


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Exhibition participant IT-solutions

Group of companies Brother is a multinational Corporation with 52 sales offices and 17 own production sites located around the world. Brother products includes laser, led and inkjet devices, scanners, faxes and printers to print the labels. The company actively develops products for the fast-growing segment of digital and smart technologies, for example solutions for mobile printing and multimedia online services: web conferencing OmniJoin HD, BR-Docs is a cloud service for document management.

Brother representative office in Russia was opened in October 2003. The main tasks of the office are marketing Brother products on the market of Russia and the CIS, support and development of sales channels, logistics.

The Brother's mission is to provide consumers with high quality products and services at any time and in any place.


Exhibition participant IT-solutions

OOO GoodsForecast is a subsidiary of OOO Forecsys, and since 2004 specializes in solutions for demand forecasting, sales planning, inventory management and manufacturing optimization. Throughout these years, a powerful mathematical apparatus, ease of use and high quality software products have been helping well-known companies that opt for GoodsForecast.

The mathematical and methodological apparatus of software solutions uses both the best practices, and the fruits of the own research, to which the Company pays much attention.

GoodsForecast clients are medium businesses, as well as large companies. Company works with manufacturers, distributors and retailers in virtually all business verticals.


Exhibition participant IT-solutions

Hitachi Data Systems

Every business is under pressure to transform — pressure from anxious boards or digital disruptors. Digital transformation promises these gains through better management of your business’s data, the common ground among business and IT leaders. Realize the benefits of your digital transformation through better access, integration and analysis of your business’s data.

No one knows data like Hitachi Data Systems. We have helped the world’s largest and most complex organizations with one thing — data. We have a proven, integrated strategy and portfolio that enables digital transformation through data and the integration of disparate data sets into a single data services strategy. We also offer the private, public, or hybrid cloud model that meets your business needs with the industry’s most flexible consumption options and a true usage-based model. With Hitachi, you can use the best of what you have today and define your unique, data-centric roadmap towards digital transformation. Hitachi Data Systems is your partner for digital transformation today and tomorrow.


Exhibition participant IT-solutions

Polymedia is a leading integrator at the Russian PRO AV (audiovisual) market and software developer. The company was founded in 1998, now it brings together offices in 14 cities in Russia and the CIS, as well as more than 700 partners of the dealer network across the Russian Federation. The Polymedia holding's structure includes ART Polymedia — a company specializing in rental & staging solutions for live events.

The Polymedia main business streams:

  • system integration
  • software and hardware development
  • distribution of audiovisual equipment
  • development of information and analytical systems for situation
    and other decision-making centers
  • rental & staging solutions

Being on the cutting edge of AV technologies development, the company brings new trends in the industry. Today Polymedia foresees information and analytical systems development, and, using its experience and expertise, since 2015 develops situation centers and control rooms on the basis of the new information and analytical Visiology platform.


Exhibition participant IT-solutions

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS) is the major global vendor of special solutions for retail automation: POS-terminals, self-service systems, info kiosks, POS printers and other peripherals. 
TGCS hardware is installed in 60% of the leading global retail networks.

Toshiba GCS is the company established as a result of merge of Toshiba TEC and RSS subdivision of IBM and inheriting more than 40 years of experience in special solutions development accumulated by those companies.

Modern line of Toshiba GCS POS terminals includes: compact and powerful models TCx300, mono-block terminals TCx500 with integrated sensor displays, flagman terminals TCx700 to solve the tasks of any level of complexity. There are also universal solutions TCxWave and AnyPlace in Toshiba GCS line, both could be used either as info kiosks or POS-terminals with all the necessary peripherals connected.

Toshiba Self Checkout System 6 is an innovation module design, with separate units for scanning, payment and packing, powered by specialized CHEC software.

Toshiba GCS is a new vision for modern retail.

OOO “Firma Electronnye Dengy” is Toshiba GCS Partner in Russia.


Exhibition participant IT-solutions

ED Retail Store Solutions develops specialized solutions and provides multichannel solutions of global leaders for Retail.

ED Retail Store Solutions has a 23 years of experience in IT for Retail. We support efficient business development. We help in: optimization of expenses, increase of traffic and conversion, loyalty management, increase of sales rate, reduction of dependence from the stores’ staff and reduction of obligations of office to fulfil routine job, adaptation to legislation modifications — 54-FZ, EGAIS.

Own products:

  • SW for POS and loyalty management «Electronnye Dengy – KASSIR»,
  • Clienteling for consultants-salesmen on smart phones and tablets,
  • Outsourcing of management of all the stores requests for support — Business Service Desk,
  • Design and outsourcing of digital content management on screens.

The Company provides technologies of the leaders: Toshiba GCS, Аtol, Cegid, Cylande, Clientela, Zebra, Datalogic, Microsoft, LG Electronics, Samsung, Bright Sign, Sedna, Scala.


  • POS automation: L’Etoile, Ile de Beaute, ECCO, Sephora, MinOmin, GEOX, OBUV.COM, CROCS, Tivoli, Cromar Group, Ulric de Varens.
  • Digital Signage: W-AMSTERDAM, L’Etoile, M.VIDEO.
  • Bussines Service Desk: support of all the requests for the stores maintenance: L’Etoile, Ile de Beaute.
  • Self-service: «Future Store X5», «Magnolia».

The Company places special emphasis on provision of services of high level of quality.


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COMPAREX is a global IT provider specializing in license management, sourcing, technical product consulting and cloud-based professional services. With a track record spanning thirty years, COMPAREX serves the public-sector, SMB and large international corporations. Its portfolio includes software licenses from more than 3,000 vendors as well as consultancy and professional services.

The COMPAREX Group employs more than 2,450 people at over 80 locations in 35 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. In fiscal year 2015/16 the COMPAREX Group generated revenue of €1,909 billion / $2,109 billion.

Russian subsidary of the company covers all federal regions by local offices in Moscow (Headquarter), St. Petersburg, Samara, N. Novgorod, Kazan, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Tymen, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and by trade representatives in other big cities of Russian Federation.

For further information, please visit


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CUSTIS has 20-years of experience providing a comprehensive service for conceptual design, development, solicitous implementation and maintenance of IT systems for major banks, retailers and government institutions. The company's mission is to work on strategic development of its customers, solving critical business problems with IT-tools, and to support innovative technology projects, which are to open new opportunities for companies and industries.

Among customers of CUSTIS are industry leaders and organizations with the high dynamics of business processes, such as The Central Bank of Russia, Gazprombank, Sportmaster, retail network O'STIN and others. The company employs the team of 200 professionals who prefer and know how to solve original problems of high complexity.


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